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Ultimate Movie Stubs Challenge

When I heard that there was going to be a contest called The Ultimate Movie Stubs challenge, I was psyched. The prize: 1 Samsung LCD TV and 1 cinema hall for screening of Ice Age 3. This is it. This was the one contest that I had a more than remote chance of actually winning. To think that I dare to dream the dream is beyond anyone’s comprehension, cos I only had less than 10 ticket stubs to start with!

This was my tool when asking strangers to give me their tix stubs :-P

This was my tool when asking strangers to give me their tix stubs 😛

 What a fun ride this has been.. Within a span of 1 week (30 May – 6 June), I managed to gather 652 ticket stubs. Methods of obtaining include but not limited to asking colleagues/friends, begging, organising movies (with prawn behind the stone intention :-P), standing at cinema exits and get from moviegoers.

Here's how 652 ticket stubs look like.

Here's how 652 ticket stubs look like.


 Here’s how 652 tix stubs look like.

Anyways, I didn’t come close to winning.. was a long wayyyyy from the winning stubs, which was 1,501 by the way. I will be more prepared if there is such contest next year.. so anyone who has those old movie tix stubs, please pass to me ya..

Till then.. TTFN 🙂


A Fishy Tale

Not too long ago early July 08
Dead skin being eaten in progress

Now it’s a real trick to somehow give a birthday treat to a good friend AND having a good laugh AT her as well. And so it happened to be Bud’s bday and I decided to treat her to a spa.. not just any spa.. but a FISH spa.. This happen to be one of those many fish spas that has been sprouting like a virus in Klang Valley of late.

Basically, you pay RM38 for 30 min to be tickled to death. No kidding.  Well, they are suppose to be a group of little fish called Garra Rufa which exfoliate the dead skin on your feet by EATING them! The fish originate from a hot spring in Turkey where they are commonly known as “Doctor Fish” for their effectiveness in assisting eczema and psoriasis patients in their healing process.(bla bla bla).

With that said, and this was my 2nd time and Bud’s first 😛 we bravely went in around 8.30 pm after work. After cleaning our feet, I dipped in head (i mean foot) first to ‘encourage’ a very hesitant Bud. Ok, that clearly didn’t work what with my really tickled expression. I looked more suffering than enjoying. It took Bud at least a full 10 min to finally hover that feet of hers at least to touch the water.. after I ‘sounded’ her cos I was the one paying! Bud’s agonising ticklish expression throughout the session : PRICELESS!

Anyways, Bud definitely had a very unforgettable spa experience for her birthday, which I bet she’s not gonna try again any time soon 🙂


I Want To Believe



I was really excited when I heard that Foxy Mulder and Sexy Scully (To those not living on earth, they were FBI agents who worked on X-Files) were making a comeback to the silver screen. But knowing how these TV series turned movie end up, case in point (anyone remembered The Avengers??!), I went to the cinema with a very low expectation and thank god for that cos I didn’t feel so bad having dragging my bud to go along. The storyline wasn’t about aliens (which I hated the most abt the TV series), but in a nutshell, was about following a psychic’s hunch into locating some kidnapped victims. Though there was not much action, I must admit that there is still great chemistry between Mulder and Scully… and oh yeah, finally we get to see them smooch for real.. yeay. Bottom line, ONLY watch this if you’re a big fan of X-Files… and yes, I WANT TO BELIEVE 🙂

My rating: Movie – 2.5 out of 5 stars, Sentimental value : 5 out of 5 stars

The 60s are in!


Wednesday 12 Sept 2007

Managed to squeeze in a movie preview amid buzy work, courtesy of MixFM, at Mid Valley last night. I’ve never been a fan of musical movie. Once in a while, they come good with a decent story line, memorable songs and actors who could actually sing e.g Chicago, the Oscar winning movie starring Richard Gere, Renee Zelwegger and Catherine Zeta Jones. So, I was pleasantly surprised when I found myself actually wanting to sing and dance with Zac Efron (the teen heartthrob from High School Musical), James Marsden (Cyclops from XMen) and John Travolta in drags! What, what was that? Yeap, Travolta provides most of the laughs in an aunty role with a possible size 40E bra size. It’s amazing how she he can still shake those hips together with the ever reliable Christopher Walken. They do indeed make an effective albeit odd couple.

hairspray21.jpgIn a nutshell, this movie is set in the 60s in Baltimore, where black and white still can’t be seen together and well, the fat and not so ugly are considered the outcast. It follows the adventure of Tracy Turblad (Nikki Blonsky) , a big size girl with even bigger hair who dreams of joining a popular TV dance show ‘The Corny Collins show’. The movie is littered with wonderful songs and great dance routines by the cast. Each of them gets enough screen time to show off their vocal talents and moves.

This movie gets a 3.5 out of 5 stars for me. Go see this movie if you liked Grease, Saturday Night Fever and Chicago. Incidentally, both Travolta and Michelle Pfeiffer had appeared in the Grease 1 and 2 respectively.

Who wants to be a superhero


With Heroes fever about to start again with the US Season 2 premier on Sept 24, I couldn’t help but to compare this with the reality show Who Wants to be a superhero, created by Stan Lee himself. This show features a bunch of people who come up with their own alter ego’s name, complete with costumes and what abilities they would want to have. Among the weird names that stick to mind are Creature, Cell phone girl, Lemuria, Monkey Woman(?) and Fat Momma. Every episode, they have to go through challenges and the least deserving one will be eliminated and turn in their costumes. Hmm, these Americans can really create a reality show on just about anything. ‘Who Wants To Be A Superhero’ is aired on Star World channel 70 every Thursday at 10 pm.


Heroes, on the other hand, are a group of initially confused people with special abilities. Led by Peter Petrelli (arguably the most powerful one because he can absorb anyone’s power), they learn to accept their fate in saving the world from a deadly nuclear explosion. Can’t wait to see what will happen to Hiro Nakamura, that tele-porting Jap.

If ever there was an ability that I would like to have is being able to read minds (I’ll know what my boss wants me to do and what my frens REALLY think of me) AND the ability to fly (saves travelling cost and time!) Yeah, yeah.. sue me for being greedy 🙂

Dogs Dogs Dogs


Maybe it’s just me or this happens to others as well. I tend to reach for the tissue when watching movies that feature animals (the kind hearted ones of course) being left to fend for themselves. Eight Below is one of them. This movie was released in 2006 but I somehow did not manage to catch it then, so got the DVD from the pasar malam instead, which comprised of 4 movies starring Paul Walker! I didn’t know this ‘no expression but nice body’ actor had so many movies under his belt. After viewing all 3 (the 4th one couldn’t play), I can safely say that Eight Below is his best work to date (in full clothing wise :-P).

He plays Jerry, a sled dog trainer in a base somewhere in Antartic and has this team of 8 absolutely adoring sled dogs under his care.  Due to the upcoming heavy snow storm, the humans leave their base and the dogs behind as well. The rest of the movie is really about how the dogs survive the heavy snow and other predators. You’ll be amazed at how the dogs look out and protect each other in times of danger. They are indeed the show stealers here. The humans merely serve as a tool to remind us how we can be ungrateful at times but they come clean in the end. Kudos to the movie’s animal trainers in getting the dogs to exude those humanly expressions. And do watch out for the splendid cinematography of the snow hills depicted throughout the entire movie. Paul Walker improves slightly in this movie with at least more than 1 type of expression. He had his biggest break from the movie Fast & Furious and the sequel 2 Fast 2 Furious. Unless he stars in a big budget A list movie like what Keanu Reeves did in Matrix, he is doomed to be stuck in those pretty boy roles. Oh ya, about that, for some ‘no brainer story line with beautiful semi-clad actors’ do check out his other movie Into The Blue which also stars the sexy Jessica Alba.

Eight Below  is recommended for those who liked Mighty Joe Young, Gorillas in the Mist, King Kong and other ‘animal-in-despair’ movies


fracture.jpg If you look close enough, you’ll find everyone has a weak spot.

That was the premise for the movie Fracture that I watched in One U on Merdeka day. This movie had received good reviews (See rottentomatoes/fracture.) It started off with Anthony Hopkins character Ted Crawford spying on his wife and her lover at an apartment. Ted promptly returns home and awaits his wife patiently. Lo and behold after a few minutes of conversation, he shoots his wife point blank in the face! No sooner than that, the police are already staking outside his house. Ted gets arrested via the hostage negotiator, who coincidentally is the wife’s lover.

In comes young hotshot Deputy District Attorney Willie Beachum (The Notebook’s Ryan Gosling). He’s about to join this prestigious law firm and decides to take on Ted’s case as his last assignment. Signed confession. Weapon as evidence. It’s a simple open and shut case huh. He goes through the normal motion for prosecuting while at the same time mingling and bedding his new boss Nikki Gardner (Bond girl Rosamund Pike). What he did not expect was a battle of wits with the manipulative Ted who had chose to represent himself in court. Ted had sort of found Willy’s fracture. He likes to win. The second half of the movies sees how Willy gets beaten badly in court what with seemingly no evidence to prove that Ted actually did it. The confession’s been thrown out because the lover was the arresting officer and the alleged gun has never been fired!  This is really a movie about clash of egos, pride and redemption.

It’s good to see Anthony Hopkins back to his old wicked self. His Ted is like Hannibal Lecter behind bars except that he’s not chewing up people’s face. Ryan Gosling has certainly progressed much from his breakout performances in Murder by Numbers (as a teenage killer) and the Notebook. He’s managed to avoid the typical A-list roles and even garnered an Academy award nomination for his role in Half-Nelson.

This movie is recommended for those who liked legal thrillers like Primal Fear and The Client.